Jane is an APMP Qualified Project Manager that has joined ReachFire from Rolls Royce Aerospace. She has over 25 years experience in supply chain, production and project management across a variety of industries, from lingerie out of Sri Lanka, high end glassware out of Poland, to Aerospace in the UK.

Outside of work Jane's passion is restoring her property and learning new skills, such as teaching herself to play a 3-string, cigar-box guitar that was kindly made for her and learning how to paint with watercolors.


Merging Native, Social, Search, Display, Video And ConnectedTV Advertising Into A TRUE OmniChannel System to Maximize Reach While Driving Results

What’s the difference between ordinary brands, and extraordinary brands who have become part of the daily visual landscape?

The difference is REACH.

Rather than advertising on a single channel, brands that utilize a variety of networks to reach their audiences become known, trusted, and ubiquitous.

Are you ready to ignite your business by featuring your brand not just on Facebook and Google, but on 57 different native and display networks?


Through our partner relationships, we have access to media on 57 unique networks, which allows us to connect our client brands with audiences on a larger scale than with traditional online media spend.


We connect you and your audience through our Advanced Behavioral Targeting segments, predictive KPI targeting, real-time lookalike audiences, pre-bid integrations for brand safety, CPG data, and more.


We utilize industry leading technology that helps our clients show relevant ads to the same person across all of his/her devices, as well as track multi-device conversion attribution.

The ReachFire Difference

ReachFire creates powerful integrated marketing campaigns that amplify and extend the reach of your brand and educate consumers while also driving sales. 

We do this through a unique stacking and distribution method developed over years of testing that provides our clients with massive exposure and website traffic.

ReachFire is a digital native advertising agency that specializes in working with B2B and B2C brands. We are experts at Programmatic Advertising, working collaboratively with each of our clients to not just increase traffic and drive sales, but also educate consumers and build brand awareness.



"When someone asks me for a 'native ads guy' Jordan is my first referral. 

He's a specialist in native ads and I've hired him myself when I had too much work to handle."



"Working with the ReachFire team has been great. They’ve come up with ideas and stories that resonate with our target market and generate leads from cold traffic. Communication was always fast and they were quickly able to flesh out new angles for us to test. Thank you ReachFire team."



"We sell a specialized medical device product that's challenging to get it in front of the right physicians. Through their digital advertising strategies, ReachFire allowed our company to not only find qualified physicians online but lower our lead acquisition cost by 78%!"



"Reachfire has been instrumental in increasing our traffic and conversions. We’ve seen significant returns on our ad spend since utilizing Reachfire, are very happy with this partnership, and I would highly recommend them without hesitation."

1. Landscape Mapping:

Our discovery method identifies where your ideal customer is, and how we can get your message in front of them. We do this by taking your ideal customer avatar and evaluating it against thousands of market data points. 

Our methodology tells us what sites they go to, best time of day to reach them, psychographic profile audiences, and more.

Our Methodology: Panoptic Stacking™

2. Campaign Layering:

3. OmniChannel Activation:

Our campaigns are built upon a unique foundation, using three stages of awareness advertising combined with our "6x8 ABT Funnel", which in some instances, can transform a failing campaign overnight. 

Using thousands of data points from our Advanced Behavioral Targeting segments, we're able to create "real-time" lookalike audiences and show your ads to the right people, on the right devices, at the right time, across the entire web. 

We buy media across 57 different native and display networks, bringing the power of big media to everyday advertisers and providing our clients with access to billions of targeted impressions outside of Google and Facebook.

Our methodology focuses on native and social ads as the driving force, and then "stacks" our unique banner ads, video, search and CTV as a supportive layer to enhance overall messaging and drive conversions.

Our framework delivers a better, more robust experience when applied through native and display advertising to drive leads across multiple channels... Building authority, shaping conversations, and delivering the results you need.

Four Key Areas of

Growth & Awareness

While traditional media buying agencies focus primarily on raw traffic and sales, our proprietary Panoptic Stacking and distribution method produces results in four key areas that drive growth and awareness: 

Traffic: Authority Advertising that drives more traffic and page views


Some Of Our Clients:

Our  Team


Jordan Swanson began advertising online in 2005 and is the founder and CEO of ReachFire. 

Jordan created a unique methodology to media buying called Panoptic Stacking™ based on spending millions of dollars on digital advertising over the past decade. 

This methodology allows ReachFire to guide its client's customers through an acquisition funnel using different media channels and strategies.

Jordan resides in Utah with his wife and three children. He is a rabid Brigham Young University (BYU) and New England Patriots football fan.



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Sales: Creating clear market demand that drives leads to your website and converts leads into sales

Education: Helps potential customers who don't yet realize the problem they have, better understand why and how your product/service is the best solution...

Brand Awareness: Builds familiarity/comfort with your brand in the marketplace, which drives branded visits, engagements, and sales.


A strategic blend of placing effective ads with the right media, at the right time, and on the right websites. Our team creates eye-catching headlines, descriptions and images that ensure your message stands out.


Gaby has been in the Advertising Arts industry since 2014. After graduating with latin honors, she worked with top ad agencies in the Philippines (Campaigns & Grey, Publicis Manila, BBDO).

She chose to step away from corporate to give herself more creative freedom and now runs her own successful freelance graphic design business in which she is successfully creating and managing many Above-The-Line advertising campaigns, creating nationwide & international social media campaigns, illustrations, and branding projects.

Beyond work, Gaby loves traveling, gardening, and kayaking with her dog. She currently resides in Manila, Philippines.

Sreekrishnaa started his digital marketing career in 2015 after his post graduation in business.

He has over 10 years of experience spanning across technology, advertising and financial services industries.

He has a solid track record of promoting brands and transforming businesses with innovative digital marketing strategies.

Outside of work, Sreekrishnaa is passionate about Yoga and Meditation. He is a voracious reader and an avid chess player.

Sreekrishnaa currently resides in Toronto, Canada. 




Keith has extensive experience in traditional sales & marketing in both B2B and B2C environments. .

He worked as a contractor on Google's AdWords support team during which time he audited thousands of accounts, coached hundreds of advertisers, and built & managed countless campaigns for multiple businesses across a variety of verticals including medical, legal, e-commerce, health supplements, hospitality and many more.

In addition to his love of marketing and digital advertising, Keith also enjoys both listening to and playing music. An avid guitar player and collector, he always has his eyes open for a new piece of gear and his ears open for the eternal pursuit of the perfect tone.



Liana Ling is a former attorney turned traffic pro. She has been helping clients in the digital marketing space for over 10 years and has gone from marketing trickling campaigns to scaling across networks for her clients.

She's helped her clients diversify their traffic sources off of just Facebook into other networks like LinkedIn, TikTok and Pinterest.

While Liana won't name drop, her clients are leaders in the Info Product industry and they rave about her ability to methodically grow campaigns.



We were looking to expand our digital advertising footprint outside of Google and Facebook, and ReachFire was recommended to us for native advertising. We tried native advertising in the past, but could never get it to work. Since we started working with ReachFire, they have blown away our previous cost per acquisition numbers. We're seeing around a 30% drop in our CPA with consistent quality leads. The best thing is, we're no longer dependent on just one or two advertising channels. ReachFire has been great to partner with and I highly recommend them!



Kylie holds a Masters in Leadership and a Graduate Certificate in Management from Australia.

She has over 20 years experience working in Australia for both private and public organisations including the Australian Federal Police, Department of Defence and Intellectual Property of Australia. With an extensive background in HR, she has managed many projects of varying complexity.

Kylie has a knack of ensuring nothing slips through the cracks and projects get delivered on time and to budget for all our clients!

In her free time she loves hiking, winter skiing and travelling.

Case Study: How this Direct-To-Consumer Company Generated $6.3M at a 14X Return Through Omnichannel Digital Marketing